Tatiana Constant

Event Landing Page:
Baby Shower


Tatiana Constant was an expectant mother approaching the delivery of her firstborn. She had the support of a large family and network of friends, and was eagerly expecting her new arrival.

The Challenge

Tatiana was in need of a way to broadcast her baby shower details to members of her network of more than fifty people in six states. She needed to ensure her privacy was protected, but that the most important information was available to those who needed it. She also needed a way for potential attendees to RSVP quickly and easily, in a way where she could easily keep track of her guest list.

To ensure the RSVP system was efficient and cost-effective, I integrated the MailChimp service. This also enabled Tatiana to have an email-list of attendees ready for updates about the pending shower.

The Solution

To simplify the experience for Tatiana’s guests, I limited the website to a single landing page. The focus was on creating a clear, logical flow of simplified information as potential guests scrolled, and creating an emotional connection with vibrant imagery. To protect her privacy, the address was left off the website, and instead conveyed in mailed invitations and in person.

I also provided space within the path for guests to view Tatiana’s shower registries, to make registering and gift-giving easy to do at one time.

The Result

Creating a website that would accomplish Tatiana Constant’s goals without confusing or distracting potential guests, within the limited time before delivery, required communication and careful prioritizing.

Following the creation of the website, a full 64% of her guest list RSVPed using the form on the website, including many who generally preferred less digital means of communication. Adding the remaining RSVPs to the MailChimp list proved to be a reasonable task.

The day of her shower, Tatiana Constant enjoyed a full venue and strong in-person support for her impending arrival.

Midlothian Code

Initial Website/CMS


Midlothian Code is a local Virginia nonprofit organization that reaches out to those learning a programming language or seeking mentoring and networking. Their mission is to educate and empower local people to achieve careers in technology and improve their lives.

Founded in 2016, Midlothian Code runs educational events for current and aspiring programmers out of local libraries and other public venues. They have held 13 such events to date.

The Challenge

Midlothian Code needed to establish a brand and a digital presence, with the primary goal of increasing awareness of its events. Secondary goals included making learning resources easy to access, setting up a structure for local job listings and providing a means of financial support.

To conserve the organization’s limited time and finances, I created a WordPress website and integrated The Events Calendar to streamline event management. The Events Calendar was created by Modern Tribe, and is the leader in event plugins for WordPress.

I also set up an integration with WooCommerce and Printful to allow Midlothian Code to sell things like t-shirts and hats to raise additional funding, all while using the less expensive and risky drop-shipping method.

The Solution

To accomplish the established goals, I created a site that used the best aspects of a CMS to keep a wealth of information in a simple, easy-to-navigate website. To prevent confusion, I customized the appearance of the integrated services to blend them more smoothly with the overall site.

I also prioritized keeping the back end management as clear and simple as possible, to ensure the website could be maintained by any member of the organization’s leadership team.

The Result

Creating a website that met the needs of Midlothian Code quickly and with a restrained budget took planning and effective research of reputable third-party solutions.

Following the website creation, the organization noted an overwhelmingly positive response.


Increase in average event attendance


More volunteers to lead events