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Chazona Baum

My name is Chazona Baum, and I am a self-taught front-end developer with diverse experiences in industries ranging from food service to veterinary medicine to insurance.

My two young children help shape my perspective, and drive me to create experiences that are accessible, friendly, and with a hint of magic.

My love of code sprang from my love of language. Where some see confusing symbols, I see an elegant form of communication and expression, and a way for people to extend their capabilities and accomplish the previously impossible.

My belief in the positive potential of code and technology drove me to found Midlothian Code, a local nonprofit geared to expanding access to code-based skills and employment and removing barriers to the industry.

...And What I Do

Using a variety of modern tools, I design and execute cohesive websites that flow and stimulate the senses.

While I enjoy building custom sites completely from scratch, I understand that different problems require their own solutions. I get organizations a presence on the web, and am comfortable with tailoring existing content management systems and templates to meet their needs as I did recently for the nonprofit Midlothian Code.

Using the design language of the web, I create vector graphics that scale reliably without showing pixels. Concepts, characters, and brands can all be represented beautifully online using current web techniques.

As an avid sketcher, I delight in coming up with concept art, characters, and branding concepts, and am eager to apply my creativity to projects I take on.

With an understanding of both stylistic animation and dynamic scripting, I am able to breathe life into content made for the web.

The right animations for the right purposes, as well as a measure of restraint, allow users to feel like a site responds to them and can give them a sense of wonder.

Utilizing the latest in reactive frameworks, I create interfaces that update automatically before your user's eyes, even games.

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Front-End Development

Pokémon Battle Game

Pokemon Battle Game Screenshot

An interactive, turn-by-turn battle game inspired by old Pokémon GameBoy games. The user can choose a character and a Pokémon, and each turn they can use one of up to four of the Pokémon's attacks, heal with a potion, or pass.

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Graphic Design

Mojo Jojo CSS Vector Graphic

Mojo Jojo Vector Graphic

Mojo Jojo character from The PowerPuff Girls recreated as a pure CSS vector graphic.

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Graphic Design

Ruler CSS Vector Graphic

Ruler Vector Graphic

A ruler created as a pure CSS vector graphic. Selected as one of Codepen's Picked Pens.

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Graphic Design

Animated Wall Clock CSS Vector Graphic

Clock Vector Graphic

A wall clock created and animated as a pure CSS vector graphic.

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Front-End Development

JavaScript Calculator

Calculator Screenshot

A calculator created visually in CSS, that uses JavaScript to perform calculations. The calculator will chain calculations until the user is ready to apply them by pressing the equals button.

Note: The percent button and negative toggle will evaluate the current chain before applying their changes. The equals button is not needed for those functions.

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Midlothian Code Website

Midlothian Code Screenshot

A website built using self-hosted WordPress for the organization Midlothian Code. Features a blog, events with reservations, job listings, and an online store. I continue to serve as developer and webmaster.

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Front-End Development

Pig Latin Translator

Pig Latin Translator Screenshot

A translator that converts English typed in the left field into Pig Latin in the right field, live while the user is typing. Selected as one of Codepen's Picked Pens.

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Back-End Development

"Mom Bot" Twitter Bot

Tweet Screenshot

A Twitter Bot, @the_mother_bot, created in Node.js. The bot follows and unfollows independently, scans @replies to give encouragement or praise when prompted by key words, and scans followers' tweets for "bad words" to warn of word choice and offer that the follower can delete a potentially embarrassing tweet.

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Front-End Development


Twitch TV Project Screenshot

A web tool which allows the user to check if various Twitch live-streamers are broadcasting and to view their content.

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Front-End Development

Wikipedia Viewer

Wikipedia Viewer Screenshot

A web tool that allows the user to search for and view relevant Wikipedia entries or view a random Wikipedia entry.

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Front-End Development

Local Weather App

Local Weather App Screenshot

A web app that displays the weather at the user's location, and adjusts the graphical display accordingly.

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Get in Touch

If you need to create or update a web presence for yourself, your business, or your nonprofit, talk to me and we can grab a cup of coffee while we discuss your needs.

I am also available for full-time or contract work with the right company. Contact me if your users are your passion and you think we might work well together.